LoaTree Philosophy

The term ‘LOA’ comes from the belief that positive, intentional actions and thoughts committed by individuals and groups will create and attract more of the same. This concept – the Law of Attraction (LOA) – is fundamental to our business model and the way we lead our personal lives.

  • LoaTree believes that economic prosperity, environmental protection and social good/community well-being are fundamentally intertwined.
  • LoaTree believes that we live in an era of unprecedented change in which we face challenges of epic proportions – as businesses, communities, governments, and as a human family. We further believe that we live in an era of unprecedented ingenuity and critical thinking where conventional norms are being challenged in order to re-create society in a way that benefits people and planet.
  • LoaTree believes that we can build a ‘tribe’ of inspired and committed citizens to promote sustainable lifestyles at every level.

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