LoaTree History

Many years ago, we found the magic formula for making change and building community while having a good time. Massive potlucks, natty dreadlocks, and late night jam sessions created an important bond among our growing group of friends. These casual gatherings soon transformed into detailed strategy sessions, sophisticated community organizing and thoughtful policy proposals.

The collaboration was magic. It all worked. The essence of LoaTree was born.2522_10151815975229829_510456899_n 2

Years later, the challenges to the health of our planet are much larger than they were nearly two decades ago when we were just getting started. But the formula we discovered back then applies more now than ever before.

LoaTree was founded in 2009 by David Fortson, who pulled from the experiences described above, as well as the inspiration from his closest friends, family, and wife – Terra Basche.

LoaTree initially focused on supporting and promoting artists that highlighted sustainability through their work. Soon, however, LoaTree landed its first non-artist client, helping produce and market the 40th Anniversary Earth Day celebration in Santa Barbara on behalf of the Community Environmental Council. The 2010 Earth Day celebration was a major success, and signaled the beginning of a new focus for LoaTree whereby clients began hiring LoaTree for assistance with marketing, strategic planning, event management and production, and more.

Eric Cardenas, David’s long time friend and fellow organizer, joined LoaTree in 2011, bringing his own set of experiences and knowledge to the team. LoaTree expanded its client base and reached out to more diverse partners and collaborators than ever before. We grew a small intern team and started building our own ‘eco-renaissance’ with and among our community.

In 2012, Dave and Eric launched, LoaCom, a consulting company offering Marketing, Business & Organizational Development, and Event services to businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and individuals. LoaCom clients seek to incorporate sustainability and community-building principles into their business model and encourage others to do the same.

LoaTree now focuses on profiling changemakers, building community, and inspiring action as we build stronger, more sustainable, and resilient communities. We hope you’ll support our efforts, join the tribe, and encourage your friends and family to ‘Live for a Better World.’

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