Through our events and event sponsorships, LoaTree seeks to engage the public in educational and interactive ways. Music, food, and art are just some of the tools we leverage as we seek to build healthy and resilient communities.


July 26 • 5:30 – 8:30 PM • Maritime Museum • 113 Harbor Way • $10

A fog of microplastics exists just below the surface of our oceans: trillions of nearly invisible plastic shards are making their way up the marine food change… so what can we do?
Join Lost Art of Love Letters on Wednesday, July 26 for a community evening of ocean awareness, art, film, & drinks. Make ocean protection letters while we watch the newest documentary on plastic pollution. Attendees are provided inspiration & supplies to create handmade Love Letters to the Sea. The letters empower participants to act as a voice for the ocean, creating political change and ocean protection. The heartfelt letters & handmade envelopes, decorated with marine creatures, will be delivered to world dignitaries & global decision makers by Jean-Michel Cousteau of Ocean Futures Society & Jack Johnson Musician/Environmentalist.

Hosted by:
Sondra Weiss of Lost Art of Love Letters & Santa Barbara Maritime Museum.
With gracious support from Jean Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society & LoaTree.
M.Special Brewery, Santa Barbara Winery & Real McCoy Rum


Sunday, September 10 • 11AM – 5PM • Rancho La Patera & Stow House

Founded by mother and daughter team Lynn Hartman and Katie Hershfelt, the festival aims to revitalize traditional food preparation and promote local food and farming. Hartman and Hershfelt share a common vision: “We want attendees to feel empowered to nurture the immune system that nature gave us. Beneficial bacteria from fermented foods grown in healthy soil is an easy way to do this. Our festival is part of a larger grass-roots movement that is changing the way we view our food, our connection to the earth and our ability to thrive.”

-“Nurture what Nature Gave You” Theme featuring fermentation, science and health care industry professionals on how fermentation directly impacts health.
-DIY Fermentation Stations, where attendees can participate in hands-on demonstrations that show how easy it is to make traditionally fermented foods such as citrusy water kefir soda, spicy heirloom tomato salsa, fermented zucchini chips, Four Thieves kraut and onion relish.
-Pickled Pavilion and Culture Corner, where fermentation experts will share the history, benefits and preparation of fermented foods such as Macadamia nut yogurt, pinquito bean miso, papaya salsa, raw chocolate butter pudding and wild soda.
-Dozens of Ferment-centric Exhibitors, featuring 75+ different types of local and regional fermented foods samples, products, and supplies.
-21+ Farm-to-Bar Area, where attendees can taste traditionally crafted wild ale, cider, mead, jun, shrubs, distilled spirits, fermentation-inspired cocktails, and other creative libations.
-Culture Chat featuring one-on-one learning opportunities with fermentation and health experts
-Bacteria Buddy Passport Program featuring hands-on activities for bacteria farmers ages 4-12 years old

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