Through our events and event sponsorships, LoaTree seeks to engage the public in educational and interactive ways. Music, food, and art are just some of the tools we leverage as we seek to build healthy and resilient communities.


April 22 – 23 | Alameda Park, Santa Barbara

CEC’s Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival is all about activism in 2017, recalling the local energy that led to the nation’s first Earth Day in 1970. Join 30,000 fellow eco-citizens to act on climate with live music and more than 200 exhibitors showcasing the latest in sustainable technology, vehicles, products, services and local food. Special activities include the Science March (ending in Alameda Park), Environmental Hero Awards and a Sunday morning public forum focused on building grass root movements.

For details on music line up, festival events, activism opportunities or to sign up for a volunteer shift, head to


May 17-18 | Santa Barbara, California

Pacific Standard presents

Women and the Environment Conference
feat Naomi Klein

This dynamic event is for those who want to establish new partnerships and be effective agents of adaptation to climate and social change. Join us to hear and pursue new perspectives and models to redress today’s challenges and achieve successful outcomes. This conference invites changemakers, lawmakers, movement makers, and business leaders who are actively implementing climate change and sustainability solutions throughout the tri-counties region and beyond.

There will only be 150 spaces available for this conference and we are doing our best to make sure leaders like you have the opportunity to participate.

Our sister company, LoaCom is the design, marketing, and production partner for this event. 


Wednesday, Apr. 26, 6-8PM, 508 E. Haley St.

As some of you know, LoaTree has teamed up with the Lost Art of Love Letters in developing a series of ‘Expression Sessions’ encouraging letter writing on a number of important topics. Join us next Wednesday, Apr. 26 between 6pm and 8pm at our downtown office (508 E. Haley St. Santa Barbara) for our next installment. This month’s theme is ‘Environmental Protection’

Expression Sessions are action-based community gatherings combining art and activism in the form of letter writing. Each individual is invited to tap into their deepest emotions about the state of our world and voice their opinions, cares and concerns by writing handwritten letters aimed at making a difference. 

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