5 Tips to Make America Green Again this 4th of July

For those planning on partaking in 4th of July celebrations by hanging out at a BBQ, rolling to the beach with friends, or going camping for an extended weekend with the fam, don’t forget the important role you can play to Make America Green Again.

While we don’t have green hats with white font to promote our eco-intentions, we do have 5 easy actions you can take to show some true patriotism. And with #PlasticFreeJuly just kicking off, some of you may have some added incentive. Now go out there and show your true colors!


No one likes a moocher, so no matter where you go, make sure to bring your own beverage (beer, bubbly, kombucha – whatever). But there’s more! As you head out to do your grocery shopping, don’t forget to BYOB – bring your own BAGS! If you live in a city that has banned plastic bags, your job is even easier. So grab a stash of those old reusable bags stored in your pantry and throw ‘em in your car or backpack now. You’ll be glad you did.

2. Ditch the Straw

At some point this holiday, it’s likely you’re going to go out with friends or family for a drink, for lunch, or for a World Cup football match. It’s all but inevitable. What’s also inevitable is that the water or other beverage the waiter or waitress offers you will have a straw in the glass. Ditch it! The second they show up to serve you, politely tell them ‘No straw, please!’ We all know straws are largely unneeded and cause huge harm to marine life, with scientists estimating that if we continue using plastic at current rates, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050. If you really need one, bring your own reusable straw. Bamboo, glass, steel…you’ve got options.

3. Say ‘No’ to Solo

Every single person reading this blog has drank from the ubiquitous red Solo Cup. And no doubt about it, many of you will be surrounded by them this 4th of July. Want to be the center of attention at that family BBQ for all the right reasons? Bring your own reusable cup! We guarantee people will ask you about it and, if you’re tactful in explaining why you brought your own, you’ll start to see heads nod and light bulbs go off. It’s a fun game — give it a try.

                          THIS                                                              NOT THIS

4. Glitter is Litter

At Loa, we love glitter. So this recommendation pains our souls a bit. But the unfortunate reality is that glitter is micro-plastic, and while it’s fun and sparkly, it’s in a ready-to-eat form for any and all marine life. So instead of red, white, and blue glitter, consider face paint! Or look for the harder to come by compostable glitter made from non-plastic materials.

5. Ride Your Bike

We know this one is easier said than done when hauling your family to a 4th of July parade or fireworks show, but consider leaving the car at home for short trips and jumping on your bikes instead. You’ll get a little exercise, avoid traffic snarls, and maybe even snag the best spot at the party.

Photo by Visit Santa Barbara


There are many more Make America Green Again tips we could offer, such as buying your produce and meats from local farmers/vendors, or  watering your lawn/plants in the early hours of the day or in the evenings. There are also tougher and arguably more important things we could advise you on, like lobbying your elected officials to uphold national environmental laws and social protections that are currently getting chopped down by the ax of – – –

Actually, we’ll just leave it at that for now. Happy 4th, everyone.

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