Ladies of Loa Celebrate Women’s Month

We celebrate the power of women every day at LoaTree HQ. From celebrating small victories to collaborating on big ideas, to attending empowerment luncheons and hosting events highlighting female changemakers, supporting and uplifting each other is central to Loa’s core. In honor of Women’s Month, we present an inside peek at what fuels the ladies of Loa to continue becoming the best version of themselves.

Ana, Account Manager & Business Development Associate

What’s your favorite way to spend time with lady pals?
Self care is always a fun way to spend time together. Whether it’s going to yoga, hiking, or playing volleyball together, putting on a face mask and sipping on something bubbly, or cooking a meal we get to share, we all support each other in feeling nourished and cared for. It also opens up the space for us to dive into what’s happening in our lives, get loving feedback from each other, and laugh. So important to laugh together! And sometimes spontaneous dance parties occur…

When are you “in your element?”
I love creating, and that looks many different ways in my life. Whether it’s designing a brochure or website for a client, drawing with my daughter, or dreaming up big ideas to bring into the world, the act of creating something is what drives me. My creativity is best fueled by good music, nourishing food, and other dreamers.

Where do you see opportunities for self-growth + empowerment this year?
This year one of the things I’ll be focusing on is engaging more with women in our community that are business leaders and connecting with a mentor to have a continued relationship as I grow in this area. I’m excited to be growing my community of ladies that inspire and challenge me.

Elizabeth, Marketing & Communications Manager

What’s one of your favorite memories at Loa?
There are way too many. Tears of laughter on any given week with the ongoing jokes in the office. One of my absolute favorite memories, though, is when team Loa met Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia. He made a special appearance at an event we hosted and it was something I will never forget.

Who is a female role model of yours and why?
TOO MANY, c’mon this is hard! I have to note, though, that I have the privilege of being surrounded by incredible women each and every day; women I am always learning from and inspired by. We recently watched a short series on Paula Scher at Loa, a graphic designer who changed the world of typography (and had fun doing it!). Her go-get-em, powerhouse attitude was one to admire, and I loved that her most revolutionary designs tended to be the simplest. I also admire each and every woman across the world speaking up for what is right and just. Our voice is our most powerful tool.

What’s your favorite thing about being a woman?
Expressing myself in clothing, particularly rompers — although let me be clear that rompers are fair game for men too (everyone knows Dave can rock a romper better than I can). In all seriousness though, female intuition is something I swear by. It’s a superpower that is unmatched!

Haley, Intern

Who is a female role model of yours and why?
My momma, truly. She’s modeled hard work, creativity, independence, positivity, tolerance, balance, and humility in 1,001 ways, and she’s the first person I call for advice. Plus, her IG, interior decorating skills, and biscuit + gravy recipe are all unrivaled. The whole package.

How are you uplifting other women in 2018?
I’m super stoked on the women in my life in 2018: they’re hilarious and motivated and uplifting to me. They’ve got mad goals, and I’m returning the favor and uplifting them by hearing them out and telling ‘em they GOT it.

What’s your favorite way to spend time with lady pals?
Weekends, the quest for mac & cheese, That 70’s Show. On a plane, at the beach, in the gym. Getting stronger, being realll goofy while we’re at it.

Alyssa, Communications Assistant

What’s one of your favorite memories at Loa?
While working on the Better World Series last year as a LoaTree intern I got to help out with the Mujeres y Climate Justice wave, which included an action-packed few days of female empowerment. The Loa Team attended environmental economist Naomi Klein’s lecture at the Granada Theater; hosted our Mujeres y Climate Justice event featuring Hazel Davalos, Leila Salazar-Lopez, Osprey Orielle-Lake, and Celia Alario; and worked Pacific Standard’s Women in the Environment Conference, which was a whirlwind of coffee, amazing conversations, and laughing to the point of tears with Elizabeth and Riley. It was a crazy series of events that proved how wonderful it is learning from and celebrating the accomplishments of other women!

What’s your favorite thing about being a woman?
Being a woman in 2018 — there are so many empowering movements unfolding in front of our very eyes. Also, female friendships freakin’ rock…the bonds I have with my lady friends are unbreakable.

How are you uplifting other women in 2018?
It’s much harder to recognize the “goodness” in ourselves than in other people, but I want to help flaunt everyone’s goodness. For all the unique, cool, kind, inspiring, and bad-ass things my lady friends do (or even just dream of doing) in 2018 and beyond, I’m here to say DO IT! — and then support them along the way.


To all the women that the LoaTree team has worked with in our nearly 10 years of Loa-ing: thank you. To Kelsey and Carla, the other ladies who work in the Loa office: thank you. To all the strong women (friends, partners, mamas, sisters, daughters…) who have guided our journey here: thank you. And to the men of Loa, who continue to support us as allies and empower us as friends: thank you. Cheers to Women’s Month!

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