Word Power: Calling Artists to Perform at ‘Get Up, Stand Up’

Word Power.

As we’ve witnessed over the past year in relation to local, regional and national events (political and otherwise), words have the ability to fundamentally alter the way people think and act. While they carry the ability to inspire the most amazing acts of kindness and beauty, they also carry the unrivaled ability to seed mistrust, divisiveness and hate.

Get Up, Stand Up

On Wednesday, March 29th, LoaTree will host ‘Get Up, Stand Up‘ at SOhO Restaurant and Music Club in Santa Barbara. This all ages event will focus on the power of words to inspire, activate and uplift communities in the throes of unprecedented assaults on our environment, women, people of color, people of different religious backgrounds, sexual orientations and more.

In addition to individual performances, a very special artistic performance you won’t want to miss will round out the evening (details to be announced).

Join us in using word power for the cause of good. 

Additional event details will be released soon.

Call for Artists

‘Get Up, Stand Up’ is a benefit for the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival and will feature a number of local artists performing poetry, spoken word and song. Do you have friends who are musicians and poets who have found their creative flow? Are current events stoking your creative fire? Consider taking the stage at ‘Get Up, Stand Up.’

The event will be an intimate opportunity to listen to and support a diverse number of performers using a number of mediums to speak truth to power.

In addition to performing on stage at SOhO with other like-minded artists, one lucky performer will be given the chance to perform on the Earth Day Main Stage in Alameda Park on April 22-23rd!


If you’d like to be considered for participation in ‘Get Up, Stand Up,’ we’d love to have you. A limited number of openings exist.


  • Performance pieces must be submitted in audio or video format by Friday, March 10th via email link below.
  • Two performance pieces maximum per performer. Performances must be individual in nature.
  • Performance pieces must serve as calls to action and/or be inspirational in nature, address current political/social issues, and must be ‘family friendly’ and non-offensive.
  • No single performance piece may exceed 4 minutes in length.

Please submit performance pieces to info@loatree.com or call 805.886.0355 with any questions.

We look forward to having you on stage.


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