The Happiness Retreat: Nourish the Body & Soul

On March 3, 3017, a small group of changemaking, entrepreneurial women will host the first ever Happiness Retreat at the Kimpton Goodland Hotel in Goleta, Ca. The Happiness Retreat is billed as an event solely for women and meant to inspire, relax and nourish the body and soul.

“My retreat partners Janice, Erika and I, have built up years of experience in our respective fields,” said retreat co-founder Lauren Bragg. “We can say with 100% certainty that everyone is just looking for happiness in life, in one way or another.”

About the Happiness Retreat

A core belief among retreat’s organizers is that when women invest energy in things like career, home environment, relationships, self care and goal setting, they are better equipped to handle life’s flow with a smile. As such, the retreat will focus on equipping women with the tools to elevate various aspects of their lives by exposing them to a wealth of information and experiences that they can easily implement in the future.

“When you boil it down,” says Lauren, “things like working out, eating local, organic food, maintaining a yoga practice, etc. are all just action plans behind a greater goal of leading a happy, balanced life.”

At this 3 day, 2 night retreat, participants will attend unique workshops, relax by the pool and enjoy farm-to-table meals under the stars. Topics of focus will include elevating personal health, quieting negative internal chatter, learning to meal plan like a ninja, improving relationships, reducing stress levels and much more, while simultaneously creating lasting connections and setting measurable personal goals.

Each of the retreat’s workshops and activities center around the 4 Pillars of Happiness and will be hosted by an expert in the field. A full retreat  schedule can be found here.

The venue for the retreat, the Kimpton Goodland Hotel, is a palm ringed, classic California-style hotel on the outskirts of Santa Barbara. Between the pool, outdoor bar/restaurant, vinyl records, and yoga mats in each room, the Goodland provides the perfect backdrop for the perfect mental getaway.

Tickets and packages are available now and prices will go up as the event nears. To purchase a ticket or to view packages, click here. Payment plans are also available through Seek Retreat by clicking here.

Why Women?

According to Lauren, the sole focus on women was a challenge, as they recognized that men need just as much, if not more, opportunity for self care and opportunities for personal reflection and growth.

“We really wanted to honor our men and include them in this experience,” she said. “But we ended up shifting back to our core vision that a community of healthy, happy women will create a ripple effect of positive change and compassion around the world.  We’re really working to harness the feminine power that has been ever-present in 2017!”

Ultimately, the goal is to turn the Happiness Retreat into an annual experience while also incorporating opportunities and events just for the men. But for now, the event will be strictly for the ladies.

Get all Happiness Retreat updates at their Facebook event page, their Instagram and their weekly blog! And don’t forget to buy your tickets!

About the Founders

Lauren Bragg is a Board Certified Health and Happiness Coach and runs and Over the last 6 years, she’s worked with thousands of women through private coaching, various group programs, workshops and classes to create a happier life. Lauren has a deep love for goals and the practice of goal setting, she’ll be the goal digging guru for the Happiness Retreat. Her mission is to give women the tools and the knowledge to design their happiest lives.

Janice Evert-Fontneau is the founder of Salty Hair Mamma and is a certified yoga instructor. She grew up in the Northeast where she first developed her love of staying active through adventure in nature. She started her yoga journey in 2009. From that first practice in Nosara Costa Rica, yoga found it’s place in her heart. In October, her heart exploded with the addition of her son Dylan to the family. Her love for the beach, mountains, and local food fill her cup. Her mission is to connect and inspire mamas around the world to find their purpose & wildly pursue their hopes and dreams.

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