Expression Sessions Launch in Wake of Women’s March

In partnership with The Lost Art of Love Letters, LoaTree has launched a series of “Expression Sessions” aimed at addressing some of the most critical issues of our day.

Expression Sessions are action-based community gatherings combining art and activism in the form of letter writing. Individuals are invited to tap into their deepest emotions about the state of our world and voice their opinions, cares and concerns by writing handwritten letters aimed at making a difference. Letters are sent to government representatives, change-makers, organizations or even individuals personally affected by current events.

Giving an opportunity to transform frustrations, hopelessness, and anger into a conduit of change, each Expression Session centers around a theme reflecting current affairs. Prior to launching the series, LoaTree and Love Letters conducted a brief poll to help inform the topics to be selected for each writing session. Highest on people’s minds (in order of priority) were:


  • Environment
  • Women’s Rights
  • Racial Equality/Justice
  • Health Care
  • Wealth Inequity
  • Poverty
  • Mental Health
  • Immigration
  • Other



With this feedback offering guidance for how to proceed, the first Expression Session was held at LoaTree’s office in downtown Santa Barbara on January 24th, 2017 and focused on women’s rights.

More than 30 people attended this first event, and over 50 letters and postcards were written, with messages penned to the executive organizing committee of the National Women’s March in Washington D.C., the national and local leadership of Planned Parenthood and a number of state and federal Senators in regards to the Affordable Care Act. Participants were provided letter writing and art supplies, helpful prompts to get started, and even postage and brightly colored envelopes.

Expression Sessions will be held once/month, and will occasionally rotate to different locations based on theme and the desire to spread the love around the community. Our next Expression Session will take place in late February and will focus on a new topic area from those listed above. The exact topic and date will be determined shortly, and will seek to be as fluid as possible in order to respond nimbly to ongoing activity at the national level and the new presidential administration.

These empowering, artistic and informative events are uplifting to the heart and mind and we truly hope you’ll join us in the weeks and months ahead.

Stay up to date on the latest Expression Sessions by getting on their mailing list – click here. You can follow Lost Art of Love Letters on Facebook here. Write on!

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