Share Your Commitment to Building a Better World: #PitchYourPledge

Last weekend, millions across the country marched to uphold traditional American values of justice, equality, and compassion. In light of ongoing national events, we’ve seen that citizens are hungry for action. 

And it’s not just around one issue. In a recent survey conducted by LoaTree, wealth inequity, racial inequality, environmental issues, women’s rights and health care all ranked extremely high as areas of concern, with respondents indicating more than one priority area. Most importantly, people were looking for ways to engage. These included letter writing, speaking up in defense of marginalized communities, donating to charity, getting involved in town hall meetings, addressing elected officials and many more.

Survey respondents cited multiple priority areas in the post-election environment.

With emotions running high and people looking for outlets and opportunities to engage, have you made a personal commitment to increasing your own level of civic engagement? Would you like to? If the answer is yes, we’d like you to share your commitment with us and #PitchYourPledge.

#PitchYourPledge is a fun and easy way to let your friends know how you’re planning to step up. Our campaign only runs for one week. Once it’s over, you’ll be mailed a hard copy of LoaTree’s 2017 Community Pledge poster free of charge. The poster will be a compilation of all entries, developed into a brilliant work of art. It’s that simple! Ready to pledge? Click here. 


  1. Pitch Your Pledge: In two words, share your personal commitment with LoaTree to building a better world in 2017.
  2. Get Digital: LoaTree will send you an Instagram/Facebook friendly image of your pledge (similar to the one above). Take a screenshot and share this image with your digital world (don’t forget to hashtag #PitchYourPledge!) to encourage others to make their own pledge. Please note that the pledge process is not suited for mobile devices, so you’ll need to pitch your pledge on a desktop computer. 
  3. Show the World: For making your pledge, you’ll receive LoaTree’s 2017 Community Pledge poster free of charge that compiles all submitted pledges into a piece of art! Share these commitments with the world by placing your poster somewhere visible. The poster will serve as a constant reminder that together, all of us can build a better world.

Ready to #PitchYourPledge? 

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