The Imlak’esh Impact: Beyond Fair Trade

October is known for many things: Autumn, pumpkin spiced lattes, Halloween … and most importantly (in our opinion) Fair Trade month! ‘Fair Trade’ is a practice that ensures fair prices for the producers of an item. Why is it important? Santa Barbara based superfoods company Imlak’esh Organics exemplifies how a strong commitment to fair trade can positively impact the world.

Imlak’esh Organics is celebrating its fourth anniversary with huge milestones — expanding throughout the length of California with their nutritionally-dense foods in coops, independent groceries, and Whole Foods Markets across the state! The conscious company’s growing success enables them to have a greater positive impact on communities across the world. This is because of their solid commitment to fair trade and sustainability. Imlak’esh sets the bar high for the new wave of businesses that thrive on conscious capitalism: a model that benefits both the people and the environment. 

A Conscious Company

At the heart of the company is, well, a whole lot of heart. Imlak’esh Organics was born out of the deep love and respect for the land, its abundance and its caretakers. Cofounders Tucker and Philip, both alumni of UC Santa Barbara, started the company with the vision of developing a globally regenerative food culture that supports community, biodiversity, cultural rights, and sustainable practices. 

They are accomplishing this by building a synergy between local agricultural economies and the global marketplace; providing living wages and socioeconomic opportunities for international and US communities alike. 

Why Fair Trade Matters

During his travels in South America in 2012, Tucker had a life-changing experience with superfoods transforming his body and mind. Realizing the healing power of these incredible foods, he spent months connecting with farmers and learning from generations of indigenous growers in Peru.

He saw the incredible quality of foods being grown, but also a prevailing struggle: the inability of small producers to access domestic and international markets. A desire to solve this problem inspired the birth of Imlak’esh Organics, with its mission of bringing the highest quality superfoods directly from source to shelf, creating sustainable livelihoods for communities of small farmers, family growers, and agricultural cooperatives through fair trade practices. The company’s commitment to fair trade sets them apart. 

Imlak’esh Sacha Inchi Farmer in Thailand

The Imlak’esh Impact

Sacha Inchi on Vine

Sacha Inchi on Vine

The story of Imlak’esh Organics’ Sacha Inchi seed exemplifies how fair trade practices make a difference. This story is one of our favorites because, to thousands of people Sacha Inchi is more than a powerhouse of nutrition. To the thousands of people involved in its cultivation, Sacha Inchi is a seed of hope — for economic freedom, empowerment, and prosperity across generations. Sacha Inchi is a super seed that that thrives in the mountainous, rainforest regions of Southeast Asia, where small farmers are beginning to grow and harvest Sacha Inchi.

The introduction of Sacha Inchi seed cultivation creates an economic opportunity for thousands of people where none previously existed. The Imlak’esh commitment to fair trade ensures farmers get a fair price and that whatever they grow will be purchased, creating a steady stream of income. Not only does this give younger generations an avenue to prosper and keep cultural traditions alive, but it also allows them to invest in village infrastructure and improve their community.

Tucker Talking to a Thai Farmer

Tucker Talking to a Thai Farmer

Fair trade matters. It matters to the farmers who cultivate the Sacha Inchi Seed. It matters to their elders, who depend on them for care. It matters to their children, who seek economic opportunity. It matters to their neighbors, who are sustaining a village. It matters to Imlak’esh Organics, with their mission of creating positive change in the world. 

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