1% for the Planet: A Responsibility to Love Blue


We know that we have a responsibility to the planet, yet this responsibility can easily get lost as businesses often prioritize the maximization of profit at the expense of, well, the very planet on which business relies. In 2002, outdoor enthusiasts Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews founded 1% for the Planet (1%ftP), encouraging businesses to take a different approach and operate using a more environmentally conscious business model – one good for profit and the planet.

Yvon, founder of Patagonia, Inc., and Craig, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, set out and created 1%ftP, a global network where members donate one percent of annual sales to nonprofit partners committed to the health of the planet and a vision to ‘Love Blue.’ If you believe that health and wellness comes from the environment, that business is responsible for positive change, and that we can leave this blue planet better than we found it, 1%ftP is for you!

Here are some of the shining new additions to the 1%ftP network on California’s south central coast, specifically, Santa Barbara – a hotbed of environmental responsibility. These new members exemplify the role that business can play in creating a better world and healthier planet.


seavees_vintage_ad_boat_main“In 1964, a dream was born. Today the legend lives on.” This describes the pioneer brand of the authentic California lifestyle company, SeaVees.  In the 60’s, SeaVees was originally launched by B.F. Goodrich, but abruptly disappeared after seven years of production. That is until CEO Steven Tiller found one of these shoes in a second hand store in Tokyo. He and Derek Galkin were inspired by the brand’s California heritage and the shoe’s 1960’s culture – the SeaVees brand was reborn after 40 years of slumber.

“Our brand embodies the California dream, and we are committed to preserving that dream for generations to come.” A major part of the California dream today is environmental responsibility, as the state’s natural beauty is a constant reminder of the necessity for conscious practices.

1percentSeaVees represents an authentic California vibe. Their fitting room is located at 118 East Ortega Street in Santa Barbara, California where anyone can stop in during the week between 10am and 4pm to experience the quality and care that goes into the making of each style. Not only does Santa Barbara epitomize the California lifestyle the brand represents, it is a hub for changemakers who prioritize the environment. It is no coincidence that SeaVees shares this sense of responsibility.

Being a part of 1%ftP enables SeaVees to live out their commitment to protect the environment and create positive change. By contributing one percent of their net annual sales to domestic and international grassroots organizations, they are working to affect real change in the avenues of preservation and planet restoration.

Wiser Capital

Today’s world has developed technology that can drastically influence a clean energy revolution. The problem for small businesses wanting to transition to such technologies lies within the cost. Wiser Capital is the solution.

Wiser Capital Logo.  (PRNewsFoto/Wiser Capital)

Wiser Capital is a portal that coordinates the funding of solar projects by linking project developers, building owners and energy investors. The web-based platform evaluates solar projects and matches them based on specific requirements and limitations. By taking the complexity out of understanding and accessing the sustainable energy industry, solar power becomes a viable option for all businesses through a sustainable energy marketplace.

Wiser Capital’s goal is to help small businesses and nonprofits switch to solar with no out of pocket costs. “The way to do this is to decrease the cost of capital through standardization, streamlining, and transparent risk rating,” explained Megan Birney, director of Strategic Affairs. It enables host facilities to go solar without capital or expertise, helps system integrators expand with a new and broader client base, and provides investors with the capacity to evaluate projects and enable returns on their funding. “Our business model promotes environmental sustainability by helping businesses and nonprofits that previously couldn’t afford solar switch to an electricity source with no greenhouse gas emissions, while saving money,” said Birney.

This design is centered on the values of sustainability and taking care of the planet – but giving back to the community is a large factor. 1%ftP provides an outlet to do just that while also creating more connections with other mission-based companies. Sustainable energy is just one part of building a healthier planet, and 1%ftP allows Wiser to participate in the betterment of everything else necessary to achieve that goal.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 7.12.01 PM

Wiser also hopes to engage its partners in the 1%ftP network. “We envision a network of financing, construction and technology companies making commitments to the communities and places that support them. We know that by moving beyond the traditional environmental companies, we can open up new sources of funding and magnify our positive impact.”

Mattole Valley Naturals

All his life, Blaine Lando, founder of Mattole Valley Naturals, ate the macro nutrient protein blends and micro nutrient herbal greens his father Dr. Barre Lando had formulated for the specific needs of his patients. The positive impact of these foods were illustrated through Blaine and Dr. Lando’s clients, which led Blaine to founding Mattole Valley Naturals in order to share these benefits with the world.


“When we set out to build Mattole Valley Naturals as a brand, we did so with a firm ethos revolving around transparency, environmental responsibility, and authenticity; both in the products we produce and the way in which we operate. As a conscious business we strive to embody this ethos by producing the highest quality products and implementing practices in our operations with little to no environmental impact,” said Marissa Garner, who operates customer relations, finances, and more at Mattole Valley.

blaineMattole means “clear water.” The company name is the very embodiment of their values, named after the Mattole Valley and the river that runs through it. “This pristine river is the epitome of clean, untouched, and unadulterated,” explained Marissa. This can be seen as a metaphor for their unaltered products which have never been blended with fillers, additives, preservatives or natural flavors. “Our largest goal is transparency in everything we do,” shared Marissa.

Their mission and dedication to conservation and preservation is also represented in their sustainable practices. Mattole Valley Naturals packaging is 100% recyclable and the product ingredients is sourced from farmers that do not cultivate ingredients with chemical additives. “We adhere to the highest standard of sourcing; non-GMO, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients.”

Joining the 1%ftP network was the perfect opportunity to reflect these priorities through their business and support like minded organizations. Choosing to focus on domestic nonprofits, Mattole Valley Naturals supports three nonprofits committed to preservation. To pay tribute to the origin of their name, they support Sanctuary Forest and the Mattole Restoration Council in Mattole Valley as well as Santa Barbara Channelkeeper.

Wholly Hemp, Salty Girl Seafood, Inc, and California Wine Festival

4oz-styling-wax-rawThree other notable additions to 1%ftP this year include Wholly Hemp, Salty Girl Seafood, and California Wine Festival. Wholly Hemp creates handmade and sustainably sourced skincare products out of their facility in Camarillo, California. They live by their vow to provide products made only with natural and unrefined ingredients. With a commitment to sustainability and honesty, they provide full disclosure of their production practices and create high quality products you can trust.

Salty Girl Seafood ensures transparency of supply in the fishmarket by working with small-scale fishermen that harvest using sustainable practices. They make certain their products are directly sourced from the fishermen who caught them. The vision came from co-founders Norah Eddy and Laura Johnson’s dedication to healthier oceans and strong fishing communities.


This year’s Santa Barbara California Wine Festival takes place at the beach on July 16-18. It is one of the largest wine festivals in the state and showcases a variety of wine, food, and music. Taking place in Santa Barbara, historical advocate for bettering our planet, it seemed only fitting to align with 1%FTP and give back to world health.

Joining the 1%FTP Network

If the values of your business align with 1%ftP’s mission and you want to repay the Earth for all it provides, you can register your business here to become a 1% for the Planet member.

Save the Date! Coming up on July 10th from 5:30-7:30PM,  LoaCom, 1% for the Planet, and the Environmental Defense Center are hosting the TGIF Celebration for species protection! Drop by to support the planet while enjoying good food, good drink and good friends – all while supporting a good cause.

Photos Courtesy of 1% for the Planet, Mattole Valley Naturals, Wiser Capital, SeaVees, and Salty Girl Seafoods, Inc.

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