Stand in the Sand: For a Clean Energy Future

A devastating event reached Santa Barbara’s shores last week when Plains’ All American Oil Pipeline burst, spilling 105,000 gallons of oil onto our beaches and into our seas. The #RefugioOilSpill has blackened the beaches of our beloved Gaviota Coast, leaving locals saddened by and disappointed in a continued reliance on inefficient and polluting technologies, despite the myriad of sustainable options available.

As dedicated volunteers continue their valiant efforts to clean up and respond to effected marine life, Stand in the Sand, a project of LoaTree, asks you to join with community on Sunday, May 31 for a Community Rally for a Clean Energy Future at 1PM. The rally will be held in downtown Santa Barbara at De la Guerra Plaza, followed immediately by taking the message to the streets, filling State Street’s sidewalks as the crowd heads toward the West Beach waterfront. At the water’s edge, a ‘human boom’ will be formed to symbolically stem the rising black tide.

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Stand in the Sand was formed in Santa Barbara in response to the 2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill in order to create a unified front with our east coast neighbors and stand with the communities affected by that tragic event. With the 1969 Santa Barbara oil disaster as a backdrop, Santa Barbara residents knew all to well the damaging effects of oil extraction on a community. But today, Stand in the Sand stands in is own backyard, committed to a renewed and expanded movement that unites communities rural and urban, coastal and inland, left and right to promote a clean, renewable energy future.

The Stand message is a positive one, encouraging people to ‘flip the switch’ to a clean energy future. Stand’s goals are unity as a community, solidarity with regional nonprofit partners, creating an environment of hope, and raising money for local organizations working on recovery efforts.

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On Sunday May 31st, Stand in the Sand and its partners will gather at City Hall at 1PM for a community rally with elected leaders, nonprofits responding to the oil spill, members of the public and special guests. We will rebirth the environmental movement on the same shores where it began.

SITS_InstagramDRESS IN YELLOW and bring your family and friends. Get creative! Painted faces, signs, instruments, costumes and any other ideas to help get the message out are highly encouraged. Let’s get LOUD!

Explore Ecology/Art from Scrap will host a sign making party on Thursday, May 28th from 5-8PM at 302 E. Cota St. Bring some supplies and get creative!

Think green when commuting to the event. Leave the fossil fuels behind and bring your bike, skateboard, or your own two feet. If you have an electric vehicle or ‘green car,’ please bring it! Green cars are invited to regroup at West Beach after the rally. There will also be a bike valet at De la Guerra Plaza. Deck out your ride with signs and colors, and help draw some attention to your dedication to clean and green technologies while we’re riding in style.

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As members of the Santa Barbara community, we need to re-establish our voices. After the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969, visionaries from our community ignited the modern environmental movement. That response to the ill effects of the oil industry can only be magnified 46 years later – think of the impact we can have today.


Stand in the Sand has created a GoFundMe page to assist in oil spill recovery efforts. All proceeds generated will be directed to the front lines of wildlife and ecosystem recovery. Special thanks to Sierra Club California who has stepped up with a generous contribution to help underwrite costs associated with the upcoming rally. If the Stand in the Sand fundraising goal is not for you and you would prefer to support advocacy, policy change and education around the issue of fossil fuels and clean energy, please consider donating directly to any of Stand in the Sand’s nonprofit partners found at

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See you on Sunday, May 31!

Masthead photo by Erin Feinblatt, Stand in the Sand, 2010, Santa Barbara West Beach.

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