LoaTree Launches #MyCupAndMe at Jack Johnson Shows to Reduce Plastic Consumption at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

The Santa Barbara Bowl, tucked into the foothills of the ‘American Riviera,’ has long been known for its knack of attracting high caliber, international performers despite its inconspicuous location between the Los Angeles and San Francisco music markets.

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Drawing musical legends and amazing talents including Bob Marley, Pearl Jam, James Taylor, Mumford and Sons, Jimmy Buffett and Jack Johnson, the Bowl has hosted legends who’ve taken the stage and commented on the natural 17 acre setting and the beauty of the Bowl.

As its legacy builds, the Bowl is pushing more than musical boundaries as it quietly seeks another, arguably higher, standard – to become the greenest music venue in America.

Green The Bowl. Rock the Cup.

Santa Barbara Bowl leadership has taken a number of steps over the past few years to decrease the ecological footprint of the music venue’s activities.

  • In 2010, the Bowl began using goats to eliminate invasive weeds in the hills surrounding the venue, this in order to avoid the use of toxic pesticides.
  • In 2012, the Bowl instituted free bike valet parking to encourage patrons to bike to concerts in order to reduce traffic and associated pollution from the premises.
  • In 2013, solar panels were installed at ‘the Overlook,’ helping to generate equivalent power to the power used for concerts on stage.
  • In 2014, the Bowl contracted Green Project Consultants to create a full waste-diversion system, recycling and composting 90% (on average) of its event waste.


Taking the next step, LoaTree, Jack Johnson, Klean Kanteen® and the Bowl have announced #MyCupAndMe, a campaign aimed at reducing (and ultimately eliminating) single-use plastic from the Bowl’s premises. #MyCupAndMe will launch at the Jack Johnson From Here To Now To You Tour in Santa Barbara on August 31st and September 1st, encouraging patrons to purchase reusable cups to help the Bowl meet its sustainability goals.

“We consider ourselves not only hosts of our musical guests, but stewards of the Bowl’s land,” says Rick Boller, Executive Director at the Santa Barbara Bowl. “We are part of this amazing community who supports the Bowl.”

The #MyCupAndMe campaign is the Bowl’s first effort to begin addressing the serious problems associated with single-use plastics which is part of their broader venue-wide waste reduction campaign. “The phase out of single-use items, most importantly plastics, is our next, top priority,” says Boller. “The impact plastics have on our environment is astounding, and we think we’ve found a way to be a part of the solution, setting the stage for others to follow.”

Jack Johnson’s team and All At Once, his social action network, is supporting the launch of the campaign by providing campaign materials, incentives, greening consultation and research in order to encourage concertgoers to reduce single-use plastic.

MyCupAndMe_Admat_Steel (1)“The reduction and eventual elimination of single-use plastic is something that my touring crew and I have been working toward for a long time,” said Johnson, who resides part time in Santa Barbara. “LoaTree and the Bowl’s #MyCupAndMe campaign is a perfect example of what venues across the United States can do to reduce plastic waste and increase sustainability. I’m excited that this campaign is being launched at my Santa Barbara shows this summer.”

Klean Kanteen is also supporting the initiative by offering Klean Kanteen stainless steel pints for concessions and purchase. Klean Kanteen is a partner of Jack Johnson’s current From Here To Now To You World Tour, and a 1% Planet member, committed to plastic reduction globally.

“Klean Kanteen is humbled by the opportunity to play an integral role in helping the Santa Barbara Bowl achieve its zero waste goals,” said Jim Osgood, President + CEO, Klean Kanteen. “Through partnership and collaboration, this program is representative of what can happen when education, infrastructure and the right product solution are available. We’re deeply appreciative of the Santa Barbara Bowl and the entire Jack Johnson team for embracing this program,”

#MyCupAndMe – How It Works

The #MyCupAndMe campaign launches at Johnson’s Santa Barbara shows on August 31 & September 1 and will build throughout the rest of the Bowl’s 2014 season and beyond. The kickoff for this plastic reduction effort will be bolstered by Jack Johnson’s All At Once community which has been promoting plastic free initiatives throughout Johnson’s international tours since 2008.

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Starting at Jack’s Bowl shows, patrons will be able to purchase new, Bowl-branded, reusable cups onsite and receive $1 discounts on beverage purchases every time they reuse their cup. Patrons can also bring their cups back to future shows for continued discounts on every drink purchase for the life of the cup.

To incentivize their use and further reduce plastic consumption and pollution, the Bowl, working in conjunction with Jack Johnson’s team, will offer prizes and giveaways to those who participate in helping spread the message of this plastics reduction initiative.


There are two way to qualify for prizes.

1) Starting August 18th, register online at www.MyCupAndMe.com to capture your commitment to reducing single-use plastic by telling us stories of the steps you’re taking to eliminate plastics from your personal lives. All entries will be registered to win. Winners  will be selected and notified by email on Saturday, August 30th. Register TODAY!

JJ_waterbottle2) At Jack Johnson’s two Santa Barbara shows, Bowl attendees will have opportunities to capture their commitment in action by taking pictures of themselves and their Bowl-branded Klean Kanteen reusable cups. Pictures can be taken at any one of three different All At Once Capture Your Commitment stations set up throughout the Bowl where attendees can make plastic-free commitments in front of Jack Johnson From Here to Now to You backdrops. Alternatively, concertgoers can simply take fun pictures of themselves with their friends and their reusable cups in hand. Pictures must be uploaded to Instagram and/or Twitter with the hashtags #MyCupAndMe and #AAOPlasticFree at the shows to qualify. Winners will be notified via Instagram at 10pm on the night of each show and can claim their prizes onsite.

Prizes include Jack Johnson CD’s and ukuleles, autographed by Jack, Jack Johnson branded Klean Kanteen stainless steel pints and more! Additional prizes will be given away throughout the Bowl’s season for ongoing #MyCupAndMe supporters.

“We’re extremely fortunate to have broad support from the community going into this campaign,” said Boller. “A number of partners have stepped in to make sure that this campaign gets the attention it deserves.”

Key among them is LoaTree who, together with the Santa Barbara Bowl, developed the original concept and strategy for the campaign. LoaTree is a lifestyle company that profiles changemakers, inspires action and builds community through unique storytelling and events.

“This is an effort that’s been a long time coming,” says Eric Cardenas, LoaTree’s COO. “It provides a perfect opportunity for the public to take steps to protect our environment in a fun way, all while listening to music and sipping on a cold beverage.”


The campaign’s sponsors are many. Jack Johnson, Klean Kanteen, LoaTree and Oniracom have spearheaded the effort. Additional business partners include Channel Islands Outfitters, Santa Barbara Juice Ranch, SOhO Restaurant and Music Venue and WA Event Management and Consulting. Nonprofit campaign partners, many of which are part of the All At Once community, include 1% For The Planet, the Community Environmental Council, Environmental Defense Center, Explore Ecology, Food For Thought – Ojai, New Noise Music Foundation, Santa Barbara ChannelKeeper, the Santa Barbara Surfrider FoundationSave the Mermaids and UCSB Plastic Solutions. Together, these companies and organizations are helping promote the #MyCupAndMe campaign as they continue their own plastic reduction efforts.

“We’re honored to help support the Bowl’s plastic-free efforts,” says Scott Walker, owner of Santa Barbara Juice Ranch. “The elimination of plastics from our environment is one of our core principles as a business. We’re excited that Santa Barbara’s premier music venue is taking this giant step.”

For updates on the #MyCupAndMe campaign, follow LoaTree and the Santa Barbara Bowl on Facebook (@loatreelifestyle, @sbbowl) and Twitter (@loatree, @sbbowl).

To learn more, contact LoaTree at info@loatree.com or visit http://sbbowl.com/mycupandme.

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