Isla Vista and UCSB: Gaucho-Style Healing #IVStrong

As always, from the embers of tragedy rise the new sprouts of hope. And as Isla Vista begins to recover from recent events that need no further explanation, this campus community by the sea has emerged, again, to cope in the ways that it knows best.

There have been candle light vigils, stadium-filling tributes, and impromptu memorials of flowers, pictures and notes springing up around the town. And yesterday, there was a moving commemoration and honoring for those lost, this time, inside of arguably the most defining characteristic of UCSB and its surrounding environment – Mother Ocean.


And what a better place for cleansing, healing, crying, holding hands, and rebuilding.


From salty tears to the salty sea.


One Love.


One People.


One Hug.




Gauchos Forever. Olé!

LoaTree, whose roots sprouted at UCSB and IV 20 years ago, is honored to have been part of such a powerful and moving event. We will continue to support current students, the UCSB administration, friends and neighbors in every way we can.

Be good to each other.

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