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If you had met Adam C. Hall seven years ago, you would have encountered a completely different person than the “EarthKeeper” he calls himself today. Six years ago, Adam began a life journey that would transform him from “Adam 1.0 to Adam 2.0”, as he refers to his recent metamorphosis.

Adam C. Hall

Adam C. Hall

Mr. Hall formed Renaissance Holdings in 1989, a Regional Real Estate Development and Investment Banking Firm. He has 27 years of expertise in all facets of real estate. In that time, he has acquired, developed, and redeveloped a broad range of real estate asset classes, including land development.

As a real estate expert, Adam was living the quintessential American dream: a beautiful wife, three gorgeous daughters, a big house, and a successful business. Despite this, he came to realize something significant – he was fundamentally unhappy. This deep-rooted feeling prompted Adam to get to the bottom of what was missing, because although he had attained everything he thought was important in life, he still wasn’t content. This was the point at which Adam made the life-changing decision to embark on a transformational journey.

Adam’s book, The Earthkeeper: Undeveloping the Future – The Extraordinary Story of an Earth Conqueror Turned Preservationist Who Uncovers Our True Nature and Reveals the Creative Power of the Universe, is an amalgamation of the journey that transformed his life. The book isn’t simply about personal transformation, but also shares what Adam experienced along the way.

The book showcases the power of nature and that of our greater environment as a whole. For Adam, one of the most sacred places he had ever been to was deep in the amazon jungle. It was there that he found himself. “The gift of that changed my life forever…as a matter of fact, it saved my life,” he says. Adam hopes that his book will inspire his readers and encourage them to dream their own dreams, rather than the dreams of others.

EarthKeeper Alliance – The Legacy

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 1.18.32 PMThe book’s subtitle, “Undeveloping the Future,” is Adam’s trademark. The term has two meanings, the first coming from his desire to “undevelop” his past life and develop into his greatest potential. He wants to fulfill a destiny and legacy. “Each of us has a legacy,” says Adam. “It’s just a matter of showing up for it.” The second meaning behind the term pertains to obtaining ‘development rights’ to specific properties and undeveloping vast portions of the land in order to preserve it in a natural state, which Adam began doing in 2007.

The EarthKeeper Alliance was born out of an evolution of Adam’s long experience in real estate. He started his transformation by wondering about better ways to serve the planet, the people, and communities, and was looking to shift his paradigm of ‘highest and best use’ used in the real estate world. In this world, ‘highest and best use’ is best realized by the maximum number of entitlements and developments placed on a given property, with profit as the ultimate goal. Something about this didn’t feel right to Adam, so he decided to shift the paradigm to do something that he felt was more supportive of the land. Out of this desire, Adam created The EarthKeeper Alliance, a for-profit company that began acquiring tracts of land that were slated for development and bringing them into conservation “undevelopment” as he calls it.


The core mission of The EarthKeeper Alliance is to: preserve the maximum amount of acreage possible; preserve habitat and the biodiversity associated within those habitats; and to restore potential habitat, all in addition to providing sustainable development options to support family legacies. The name “EarthKeeper” comes from the indigenous cultures of the Americas. Earthkeepers were entrusted with the responsibility to tend to the well being of not only planet earth but also its people and all its living inhabitants. Adam considers himself a modern-day Earthkeeper.

When asked how the traditional real estate world views his work, Adam is optimistic and says there has been receptivity to his platform, albeit with many questions that arise from the traditional sector. Despite this, Adam is hopeful at the transformation he believes is coming from within the real estate world.

Green Drinks with Adam C. Hall

Meet Adam by joining LoaTree for another Green Drinks event at Workzones in the Paseo Nuevo shopping center in downtown Santa Barbara on Tuesday, May 21 from 6 to 8 pm. The event is FREE. Adam will be giving a talk: “Undeveloping the Future: Realizing tomorrow’s promise, today.” He will be talking about his book, The Earthkeeper: Undeveloping the Future – The Extraordinary Story of an Earth Conqueror Turned Preservationist Who Uncovers Our True Nature and Reveals the Creative Power of the Universe.

Learn more about The EarthKeeper Alliance and become an EarthKeeper yourself at You can pre-order Adam’s book, coming out on June 3rd, here. Join our Green Drinks Facebook event for specific details!

LIBy Laura Ingulsrud, LoaTree Intern. Laura assists LoaTree with content creation and communication, including researching and writing new stories for the LoaTree blog, working on social media, and researching best practices for communication strategy. Laura loves traveling, long runs (or walks) on the beach, playing volleyball and soccer, good music, and spending time with her friends. She believes everyone should adopt the LoaTree motto and “live for a better world.”

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    kyleen dawson

    This is such an important and timely subject that impacts, not only our community and surrounding areas, but the perspective each one of us has regarding stewardship of resources, future legacy that we build for our families and our city. We need to be having similar conversations of our own, individually, as to what we can be actively doing to preserve and sustain ourselves and our way of life here in beautiful Santa Barbara.

  2. LoaTree

    An impressive mission and an impressive talk at last night’s event! Thanks to all who attended, and to Adam for his great work.

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