LoaLiving Magazine, Volume 2, Has Landed!

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 9.30.14 PMWhile it’s feeling a lot like spring out there, it’s still officially winter – at least for a few more days. As such, LoaTree is proud to announce the arrival of LoaLiving Magazine, Volume 2, Winter 2013.

In Volume 2, we feature David Rastovich, an eco-ambassador from the professional surfing scene, a young farmers coalition, Huckle – an up and coming folk/rock troubadour, a mission to save pristine coastline in southern California and much, much more.

To access LoaLiving Magazine Volume 2, please click here to sign up to receive your free digital subscription. Volume 1, Fall 2012, is available in its entirety here.

Happy reading!

Photos: Hilton Dawe

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