Things Loa Loves: Pay it Forward, #26Acts, Law of Mother Earth, and Re-Used Homes

Things Loa Loves. On this last Friday of 2012, we thought we’d profile a few quick stories of good people and great things. Check these out, smile, and do your own good deeds as we wind down the year.  


coffeeCustomers in Winnipeg, Manitoba pay it forward for hours, bringing cheer (and coffee) to others during the holidays. Click here to read more.

26 actsNewtown, Connecticut has inspired countless positive deeds. “If you do good, you’ll feel good,” Explains Ann Curry. Read more about #26ActsOfKindness here.

hands earthThe ‘Law of Mother Earth‘ is enacted in Bolivia. Find out more here.


box carAffordable housing, shipping containers, and a funky twist. Click here to read more.

blue whaleShipping lanes off the Santa Barbara Coast will be modified to protect migrating whales. Learn more here.

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