Cleantech + IT = Planet Protection

Cleantech + IT = Planet Protection

Digital cleantech company Greenstart sets up entrepreneurs with a plan to protect the planet through cutting-edge software applications. “We’re one part accelerator, one part design firm,” says Greenstart team representative David Merkoski.

Founded by Mitch Lowe, David Graham and Dillon McDonald in 2011, the company’s all-star team of digital advisor gurus honed their skills at companies like Facebook, Treehugger, Apple, and Volkswagon.

These days, with over 14 companies on their roster, Greenstart’s team looks for new businesses who seek solutions to the current energy crisis.

“I’d spent over fifteen years designing solutions to first world problems – better televisions and toasters – and I wanted an opportunity to make a difference in an area that had a real impact on the planet’s future,” says David.

The company uses a vigorous application process to kick-start clean energy applications. The entrepreneurs selected by the Greenstart team receive up to $115,000 in capital, access to offices, and go through “boot camp” with a high-powered interdisciplinary team to develop the products and services of select entrepreneurs.

Greenstart Cofounder, Dillon McDonald, getting things started.

“We get down in the weeds,” says David. The team begins with product design and development, tackling many of the common challenges like customer acquisition, storytelling and focus.

“One of the hottest areas in the market right now centers around transportation and how to use existing infrastructure – planes, trains, automobiles, bikes, roads – more effectively and efficiently using software,” says David.

He says Greenstart believes entrepreneurs have the ability to “improve the world in profound ways.” The team hopes to help 250 digital clean-tech entrepreneurs in the next decade.

“Our graduates say it’s a life-changing, world-changing experience, ” says David. “Some tell us that they finally see how their product matches the story they tell people. Some say `I didn’t know what design was – but now I get it!’”

For more information on Greenstart, visit their website at

(This article originally appeared in LoaLiving Magazine)

 By David Forston, LoaTree; Pictures courtesy of Greenstart


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