The slow and steady buzz building in LOA land.

Somewhere in the Sierra Nevada backcountry.

From off in the distance, deep in the Sierra’s, we heard it building. As we sat on Turtle Rock surrounded by water on all sides, it grew louder. Soon, the distinct buzz of a thousand swarming bees engulfed us as they made their way across the lake. There was no panic, no cries to ‘abandon ship’ and dive into the mountain cold, and most importantly, there were no stings. Remaining calm, this strange and magnificent occurrence came and went, leaving nothing but the calm of the trees, the breeze, and the water lapping at our kayaks.

Just like that swarm of bees, there’s a slow but steady buzz building in LOA land. On our own version of Turtle Rock surrounded by good people doing great work, there lays a core group of individuals working way beyond their bedtimes to take LoaTree to the next level. We see and feel the growing hum created by their dedication every day. Soon, you will too. Inspired, passionate, and committed to our motto – Live for a Better World– this small crew will soon birth the next rendition of LoaTree.

As part of this evolution, we’re launching LoaLiving Magazine, an exposé of inspirational businesses, artists, chefs, outdoor enthusiasts and other ‘Change Makers’ who push daily to inspire and promote positive social change. Our first edition of LoaLiving is due out soon, and we can’t wait to show it off! Not only can we not wait to show it, we’d like you to be IN it!

#LoaLiving on Instagram…farm fresh, organic berries. Yum!

We’ve launched a photo contest on Instagram to highlight your eco-inspired photos. All you have to do is upload your pics to Instagram with the hashtag #LoaLiving to enter. Feel free to also post them on LoaTree’s Facebook wall with the same hashtag (#LoaLiving). Think music, local food, green technology, the outdoors and anything else that captures the LoaTree vibe and inspires people to live for a better world. If you think you’ve got it, let us see!

LoaTree will select 10 photos to publish in LoaLiving Magazine as a two-page spread.  While the magazine will largely be an online resource, we’ll be publishing a handful of hard copies. The more photo entries, the better! In addition to being published, 10 winners will get a free copy of the print version of LoaLiving and a few other goodies.

LoaLiving is just one of a few new projects we’ll springing on you in the coming month/s. We’d love for you to join us for the ride. To stay engaged and in touch in the meantime, sign up for our newsletter or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Pintrest.

Stay tuned!

-Eric Cardenas, LoaTree

P.S.  We are having a Loa 2.0 Launch Party and we want you there.  Find out all the details here!

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