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SOL Food // Field-to-fork…

Call me old fashioned, but what ever happened to keeping it simple? Technological innovation is exciting and integral to a progressive society, but in some cases the template for a productive, sustainable model already exists — all we need to do is regroup and connect with our roots.

Take the food industry: For a long time, it seemed as if there were no way out of the convoluted maze of high fructose corn syrup and produce inundated with mysterious chemicals and pesticides. Lately, however, there’s been a bit of a collective epiphany — keep it simple. Cut the chemicals and trace the route.

Excitingly, Santa Barbara is at the forefront of the culinary renaissance. Especially proactive in the movement are the folks at SOL Food who see the benefit of Sustainable, Organic, and Local food systems as threefold: important for the vitality of our bodies, our environment, and our economy.

At some point, we stopped questioning where our food came from and how it was grown. Food is the foundation for well-being; the basis of our vitality, intimately linked with our happiness. Why, then, would we settle for food imported from across the country, coated in wax, cheapened by pesticides?

SOL Food is working to ensure that as a community, we remember that we are indeed connected to our food, and that acknowledging that fact puts us at a great position of power.  When contemplating your purchasing power, it’s good to consider organically grown produce. SOL Food has prioritized the farm-to-fork mantra, which not only nourishes the vitality of the natural world and our personal health, but also fosters a strong and healthy community. Hopping on your bike to check out the farm yourself, or shaking the hand of your local farmer and thanking him or her in person could and should feel like a normal Sunday afternoon activity.

On Saturday, September 29th, the 3rd Annual SOL Food Festival takes place at Plaza Vera Cruz Park in Santa Barbara.  This young festival has grown to a 7,000 person event featuring an incredible array of ‘SOL’ food, food education, kids activities and workshops to empower any of us to become ‘SOL’ foodies.   SOL Food co-founders Alison Hensley and Heather Hartley roped LoaTree into this concept three years ago and we proudly remain the marketing/production partner for this special community event.

We have the ability to shift the direction of our food system, so why don’t we?  See you September 29th.

-Jenna Ryan, LoaTree


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