A ‘Chief Happiness Officer?’ Yup.

Another week begins! As you dive head first into the week’s projects, let us share with you some articles we’ve stumbled upon that remind us that good things are happening all around us.

1. According to Forbes, the amount of Americans choosing a bike each day as a source of transportation rose 40 percent nationwide between 2000 and 2010.

Replacing one four-mile car trip with a bike ride each week would save an aggregate of $7.3 billion dollars each year nationwide! Imagine if we replaced 5 four-mile car trips each week. Talk about uplifting. Read the whole article here.

2. Did you know Google has a chief happiness officer whose official job title is “jolly good fellow”?

Google’s jolly good fellow, Chade-Meng Tan, helps employees enjoy their work, increasing positivity and productivity. Our favorite tidbit of advice? Develop the habit of wishing success to others. Check out Tan’s other golden rules here.

3. As people, we’re visual creatures. Anything that helps us visualize things like our ‘carbon footprint,’ for example, can bring us one step closer to sustainable choices.

The folks at 999Bottles have come up with a cool way to break down the abstract with a water bottle that tracks every plastic bottle you don’t use by filling up your reusable bottle instead. Good for the natural world, good for conversation. Read more about 999Bottles here.

Enjoy the day, everyone!


Jenna Ryan, Team Writer

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