Skip the hallmark, go with the eco-lovely for mother’s day.

Mother’s Day is already around the corner and I am guilty of always being late with a gift to show my mom that I love her.  Even more annoying are the accepted Mother’s Day options are usually cut-flowers from across the world grown in suspect conditions or cheesy Hallmark cards.

Well, if you are in the Santa Barbara region, you have another option.  Terra Malia Designs (website) or her Facebook. Terra is a mother herself and succulent diva.  She plays in the dirt, grows her own succulents and even returns most of them back to the ground after major events that she provides decor for.  Shells, moss, driftwood.  Sustainable, beautiful and meaningful.

For Mother’s Day, she’s offering up small, medium and large designs for Mom’s.  The beauty is that these gifts will live for a very long time even if your mom isn’t a green thumb.   These gifts can be planted around in the yard when she’s done with them in the house.

Most importantly, just call your mom and tell her you love her.


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