Fishbon bringing heartbeat to Santa Barbara Earth Day

This year, amidst the countless booths promoting eco-restoration, advertising designer t’s, or pitching the value of electric cars, many Earth Day goers found a calm and quirky way to relax and listen to their hearts, literally. Fishbon Santa Barbara, a local arts collaborative, brought a mini oasis of red lounge chairs equipped with a vibrating subwoofer and a matching overhead lamp. By simply placing their hands on the conductors, people of all ages experienced the amplification of their heartbeat, visually, physically, and audibly. Powered entirely by solar, the light flickers in sync with the vibrating thud of the sub and the deep resonant sound of the heartbeat.

Fishbon’s art exhibits typically offer a sensory experience, and their heartbeat amplification was a manifestation of that. In Earth Day’s push to include more art exhibits to balance out the content of the festival, Fishbon delivered in a big heart-filled way.

-Oisin Lewis

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  1. LoaTree


    Thanks for the note. Sitting in that chair and feeling your heartbeat amplified through amplifiers was definitely a highlight. See you next Earth Day!

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