Santa Barbara Earth Day has arrived!

2nd Annual Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival, April 21 & 22, Alameda Park

Yes, it’s here.  The Earth Day team is once again led by the Community Environmental Council and our core team is again comprised of Plus One EventsNew Noise and LoaTree.  Companies like Learningden Preschool, Oniracom, Alice Chein Design and many others have played critical roles as well. The product of this cast of characters is pretty neat.   Here are a few LoaTree ‘key picks’ for the weekend:

1. 2 days, 5 stages: Check out the full Earth Day schedules here.  Highlights: ‘OzoKids’ on Sunday (Main Stage); ‘The Kinds’ on Saturday (Main Stage); ‘History of the Bike’ on Saturday (Bike World Stage); ‘Say Something Nice’ on Saturday and Sunday (Public Square); ‘Vertical Gardening’ on Sunday (Live Green Stage); ‘Environmental Hero’ award posthumously dedicated to Selma Rubin on Sunday (Main Stage); ‘Elected Official Office Hours’ with two mayors, a Congresswoman, an Assemblyman and City Council members on Saturday and Sunday (Public Square Stage).

2. The LoaTree Booth: When was the last time you had the ability to unleash your inner Van Gogh bypainting on an 8-foot canvas AND get a hand massage.  Welcome to the LoaTree Lounge…Earth Day style. Booths #318 & 319.

3SOL Food Kitchen: Sustainable, Organic, and Local Food served up fresh at Earth Day by our peeps from the SOL Food Festival.  Grilled Artichokes, Avocado Cucumber Gazpacho and a Mixed Green Salad? Move over ‘typical’ festival food!  Fresh and local is moving in.  

4Ride & Drive:  Need a reason?  $4.45 per gallon gas.  Plug in’s and hybrids are waiting to cradle your tush as you spin around the block at Earth Day test driving some of the newest alternative fuel vehicles on the market. 

A few other Earth Day links:


See you this weekend! Please bring friends and family to the premiere eco-festival on the west coast.  

(pic by Steven Otero)



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