The Power of We

The Power of We.

As LoaTree hunkers down through our ‘heavy season,’ we noticed something interesting in a recent advertisement that ran in the Santa Barbara Independent. The Indy, a generous supporter of the Community Environmental Council’s (CEC) annual Earth Day Festival, worked with LoaTree to place an ad for the upcoming LoaTree Lounge, a benefit fundraiser for Santa Barbara Earth Day. In that advertisement donated by the Indy (March 8-15, Pg. 14, Vol. 26- No. 321), the following occurred:

Santa Barbara Earth Day received prominent attention one full month before the event happens; CEC received publicity for hosting an annual eco-festival; SOhO Restaurant and Music Venue received some love for serving as the host for the Lounge; countless local artists received recognition for their support; and LoaTree received publicity for organizing the event.

And just like that, one seemingly insignificant advertisement raised the public profile of many and raised awareness about those working protecting the planet

Therein lays the beauty of LoaTree’s approach. One ad about a single event backed by local performers, community groups and businesses and supported by a local publication, helped raise awareness about all of them. And no, it’s not a huge PR boost to anyone, but even if in a small way, the power of collaboration and community is on full display. People often wonder how LoaTree works and what we do…well, this is a good example that is often times difficult to categorize or boil down into a quick pitch.

LoaTree strives to succeed in business, community-building, and change-making, but we know we can’t do it alone. And we don’t want to. You see it’s not about LoaTree…it’s about all of us and the ‘power of we.’ As a company, the power of we is how we intend to grow.

Please enjoy these brief updates from friends and partners below. We look forward to seeing you at the LoaTree Lounge next week!

-eric, dave and the LoaTree team

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