We’re stoked.

Just this week we surrounded ourselves with friends, clients and some of our local movers and shakers to appreciate and acknowledge the work that is being done collectively along the Central Coast and beyond.

As Margaret Mead stated long ago, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world…” Indeed. Well, on the night of our little Gratitude Party, a small group of thoughtful, artistic and happy citizens painted a 7 foot tall Gratitude painting, courtesy of our friend Whitney. Executive directors, children, foundation presidents, activists, foodies and others all took their shot. It was a beautiful thing.

And it goes to show that amidst the craziness and high stakes games many of us are involved in as we build a better world, we can’t forget the simple things like color, laughter, fun and…painting.

Want some live party painting in your life?  Let us know!

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