Ramping up for Santa Barbara Earth Day

For the third year in a row, LoaTree is working Plus One Events, New Noise Music Foundation and Earth Day host Community Environmental Council on Santa Barbara Earth Day.

When we all came together 3 years ago, Earth Day was in a bit of a transition. It was located at the Santa Barbara Courthouse and about 12k – 15k people attending. Fast forward to 3 years down the road and we are now at Alameda Park, the Festival is 2 days long, and last year we almost hit 40,000 people.

Most important, we are becoming more effective at reaching festival goers with tangible actions, examples and messages to inspire more sustainable living. This year’s Earth Day is on April 21 and 22nd and the theme is “Mobilize for the Earth.”

We are PUMPED to be working on this again with such an outstanding team. Stay tuned for more details.

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