Building the LoaTree Community

Building the LoaTree Community

When we set out to create this company a few years back, one of the core ideas that drove us was the idea building community should be a pillar of not only our own company, but our clients as well.

We threw ourselves into the ‘event’ business to connect with people and spread the LoaTree vibe. Santa Barbara Earth Day, the SOL Food Festival, the Quivira Coalition Conference and the monthly Green Drinks are all significant projects of LoaTree on an annual basis. These are wonderful opportunities to work with diverse and talented team members, to connect with a wide variety of businesses and organizations and to throw big community celebrations with real educational and personal value. At the end of the day, all of these events create invaluable connections and chemistry between people, germination happens and new shoots and ideas arise. THIS is why we build community because when we lean on each other a bit, when we leverage each other’s inspirations then we create that elusive ‘magic’…that chemistry…and we need more of this during these challenging times.

2012′s LoaTree events are going to be good. Join us monthly at Green Drinks if you want to keep in the know or simply join us every once in a while for the best eco-parties in town.

2012 is going to ROCK!


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