Not in our Commons!

2012 is upon us.

If ever there was a time to harness the collective energy from the people, places and things on this Earth, that time is now. We’re living in a time of unprecedented change and opportunity in which we hold the power to literally dictate our own future.

To that end, LoaTree has spent the last year partnering with a diverse and powerful contingent of some of the most forward thinking, well-meaning and passionate organizations and individuals in our region. The goals being accomplished in pursuit of sustainability are extremely noteworthy. However, our goal is and has always been to leverage the unique abilities of our partners and networks with those of others to build a better world.

As we move forward, LoaTree will challenge ourselves and our partners to think beyond individual interests, always considering the greater good. As we know, the Commons have been tragically manipulated for far too long, resulting in great damage to communities, natural resources and the even abilities of many to live and be inspired.

In 2012, LoaTree will keep the Commons at the forefront of everything we do, say, and act. We will push the mantra of sustainability in ways that will touch your eyes, your skin, your ears and stoke your inspiration. We will broaden our base to include new allies, partners and clients as we build resilience and diversity among our communities.

And importantly, we will whistle while we work.

We hope to laugh, play, work and eat with you in the days and months ahead. There will be no tragedy in our Commons.


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