We aren’t going back…

We aren’t going back. Despite the well funded attacks on science. Despite the tempest in a teapot being made around the failed solar company Solyndra. Despite the desperation of a trillion dollar fossil fuel based industry and their proxies in government to stop the changes that must come. We aren’t going back because we can’t go back.

The solutions are unlikely to come from our dysfunctional government. Solutions are rising from the offices, the garages, classrooms, warehouses, and in the streets as people take personal responsibility to create new economic engines to fuel the 21st century economy that tackle climate change and rebuild our economy. It is the eco-entrepreneurs and eco-innovators positioned to capitalize on the instability in our economic system that is faltering due to its dependence on the consumption of dwindling natural resources. It is the eco-visionaries who understand that building businesses that re-pair fragile eco-system, re-connect community, re-store our faith in each other, and that will re-make America into a moral and economic leader of the planetary eco-renaissance. These are truly exciting times.

On Saturday, we bring this national conversation to Santa Barbara with Van Jones. Yes, that Van Jones, Obama’s former Green Job Czar. Yes, that Van Jones targeted by the top of the anti-environment forces in the country. Yes, that Van Jones who is touring the country firing up tens of thousands of people around the country to “Re-build the (American) Dream.” Santa Barbara has all the tools in place to be one of the national leaders in stimulating a green economy making this opportunity so prescient. Let’s turn out and participate and show people that we are not going back.


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