LoaTree Presents: Green Drinks with Lois & Catherine of Orfalea Foundations. Hosted by Municipal Winemakers. Tuesday, 10/18/11

Join us for our monthly Green Drinks – Santa Barbara, where we bring together the eco/socio movers and shakers in the region.

Joining us this month are Lois Mitchell, President, and Catherine Brozowski, Vice President of the Orfalea Foundations. http://www.orfaleafoundations.org/

Lois and Catherine will talk about the role of philanthropic foundations in implementing program based initiatives. Learn more about collaboration with community partners including business and government. Hear about the strategies behind this foundation movement and the importance of diverse community partners.

About our gracious host Municipal Winemakers (http://www.municipalwinemakers.com/):

Municipal Winemakers spent our formative years traveling and working all around the world. This nomadic approach can be tasted in our wines. They are all influenced by the personality and elegance of the old-world, together with the freshness and vibrancy of modern styles.

Our approach is simple: Source grapes from special vineyards and draw on our experiences in Australia, California, and France to make interesting wines of the highest quality. We do this with love – carefully and slowly, using traditional techniques.

All glasses of wine served at Wine Club member prices for the Green Drinks crew.

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